Victoria Literacy Connection


VLC Adult Basic Computer Literacy Program 

“Members of the Victoria Literacy Connection: The work you are doing is very important. Wishing you all the best as you help others in the community” – RE age 68 

I was very pleased to take the Computer Literacy Program it was accommodating in my hectic schedule. They ensured the topics I wanted to cover would be discussed and assigned me to a tutor that had knowledge in the all the specific programs. My tutor CF was very nice and helpful, between both our hectic work-loads we were able to always make it work, we even re-reviewed some topics if I was frustrated and not understanding. She also went out of her way to provide me with information later of questions she couldn’t answer or guide me in the right direction. She was patient, supportive, and very easy to work with. I am looking forward to the next course I will be taking. Also, the director M was easy to work with is friendly and helped guide me with other knowledgeable courses to take in the future. - AT age 37 

“My tutor CF is really helping me out feeling more comfortable with technology. But a long way to go. Good days ahead!” – SR age 52 

My tutor helped instill in me a new-found curiosity and comfort with computers and digital learning! – JB age 46 

CB volunteers for Victoria Literacy Connection and donates her time to help those of us that are struggling.  She is sweet, intelligent, dependable, considerate, so helpful and supports me with my computer struggles.  She also brings joy and companionship to my life and I appreciate her so much.  I am a handicapped low-income senior and anyone that gives freely of their valuable time and energy is a gem in our society.  She deserves to be praised above and beyond for her contribution to making life better for those of us who really need guidance, support and the big bonus – we get to learn at the same time. – JA age 75 

I want to update you on my learning Computer with S. S will become a fine teacher of Computer. I very much appreciated S his patience and kindness. Very supportive, sincere, encouraging and committed to teach me.  He gone over with me these lessons: [listed topics]. Learning and gaining my confidence. […] I am enjoying learning Basic computers.  Thank you so much for your program and for giving me S as my tutor. I look forward to more lessons from him for my learning Computer Skill. I appreciated S very much. – VR age 64 (ESL) 

Just to share the learning experience with my Tutor S is such a beautiful thing. I am gratefully thankful to this program and to you M for you have given S as my tutor. He is good at what he does. He is respectful, considerate, understanding and flexible in his time. Much appreciated his endless effort and his time given me… He is a terrific Kid. It has been a wonderful experience with S. – VR age 64

“Thank you for all of the open communication and collaboration this year. I really appreciate all of the accommodations you’ve been willing to try with us. Huge shout out to tutor C for all of his support so far! Wishing you a happy and restful holiday season.” – JR, support worker for learner with diverse abilities 

“I am working with CE who is a wonderful computer coach.  She is knowledgeable and knows a great deal about cells phones which is a bonus for me.  I am feeling more confident on the computer and cell phone which is an asset, because with covid and as a result of my age, I find I am using webinars and online information more than ever before so being up to date is really important.” – RE age 69 

“First session with O went so well … this is what a perfect match looks and feels like. We laughed a lot so that helps a lot too.  Made schedule for future tutoring session.  Thank you, for making this happen.” – G age 82