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IPALS Program (Immigrant Parents as Literacy Supporters)

IPALS Program (Immigrant Parents as Literacy Supporters)

IPALS is an 8-session program funded by IRCC – DECODA that aims to help immigrant and refugee families and caregivers learn new strategies to support their preschool and kindergarten-aged children’s learning in fun and interactive ways.

Program Outcomes:

· Clients increase their knowledge of life in Canada

· Clients improve official language skills

· Clients increase participation in communities and social networks.

Eligible Clients

i. Permanent Residents of Canada.

ii. Protected persons as defined in section 95 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).

iii. Individuals selected to become permanent residents and informed by a letter from the Department.

iv. Convention refugees and protected persons outside Canada who have been selected for resettlement in Canada by the Department.

v. Live-in Caregivers: Temporary foreign workers who hold or received approval of a work permit under section 112 or received initial approval for permanent residence under section 113 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR).

vi. All Ukrainian temporary residents and their dependents in Canada.


Canadian citizens and non-permanent residents are not eligible persons for IPALS. However other options can be offered through VLC. Please contact us to discuss.

Information and registration Victoria/Saanich:

Sofia Lopez Fuertes / Victoria Literacy Connection

(250) 385-0014 [email protected]